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Eyestrain: They always say it's about giving workers more "flexibility".

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

They always say it's about giving workers more "flexibility".

But then again, when your government is so hell-bent on fucking workers every which where and way, I suppose we should consider it a kindness on their part (improving our "flexibility")... And Herr Gropenfuhrer ought to know a thing or two about it, huh?

Almost forgot the second point they always make: you gotta keep those lawsuits under control. Gotta keep 'em from happening. You know, it's just not good for business, holding employers accountable for their misdeeds. Gotta let business do whatever it wants. Laissez faire, motherfuckers! Ahl bee bock! Heyuh duh lamentations ov duh wimmin, Kullyfoneyah! Heyuh dem!

From the article [All emphasis and bracketed comments mine]:

The Schwarzenegger administration is seeking an emergency rule [Where's the fire, here? are we in crisis? This asshole has been trying to use this percieved emergency rule "loophole" since he hoodwinked the governorship aways from Gray Davis.] that would weaken a Gov. Gray Davis-era law that protects the rights of workers to take lunch breaks.

The unusual move by the governor's labor officials is aimed, they say, at limiting lawsuits by employees [natch] against their employers and clearing up confusion among employers about their responsibility to provide breaks [i.e. by removing the responsibility!].

But critics of the order, including labor groups and some Democratic lawmakers [Why isn't it ALL Democratic lawmakers?? Guess the rest were "out to lunch" ha ha errmmm...], accuse Schwarzenegger of trying to undo a long-standing right to lunch periods that was strengthened by Davis in 2000 to allow employees ranging from farmworkers to bus drivers to sue employers who denied them breaks and recover years of lost wages.