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Eyestrain: Since I've been away...

Thursday, December 30, 2004

Since I've been away...

Mr. Penishead went bye-bye in several embarassing ways. But he strikes me more as the shadowy type of sleezy, former manservant, so I'm sure he'll do fine in his career, with whatever creepy security company / private army / crowd-control / non-lethal weapon firm decides to pay him an outrageous and most likely undeserved salary. It'll almost be like heading up Homeland Security after all (just minus the press confernces).

The Network Haytahs have been exposed and lost some of their fire-and-brimstone thundah, but that won't stop the FCC from continuing to stifle free expression on our airwaves. If they could give the exclusive rights to the wholesale thoughts of the American people over to the media conglomerates, I'm sure they would...

Rumsfeld continues to be an incompetant, crotchety asshole doing a superb job.

Dear Leader continues to lead with his decisive boldness and love of all things fuzzy and cute. If professing a faith and never attending a service of that faith can make one the "good christian man" so many see this fortunate son to be, then I'm the fucking high lady dalai lama, motherfuckers! Now gimme some scarves. Shit. A girl can't wait all day. Take your blessings, dammit.

Herr Gropenfuhrer reneged on the rip-off-the-workers no lunch for you! move they were trying to pull. It's an interesting thing about Conan the Governarian -- if confronted with too many lamentations of the votahs, he often backs down... like the time they were going to cut the program that provides in-home visits from nurses that help little old ladies and disabled folks buy their groceries and stuff. That went down the same way this one seems to have. Eh. I'm sure they'll try to sneak it through, but it's doubtful the legislature will let it happen.

I haven't been following shit in the news lately. It all just gets me too, too upset. But of course, I'm too much of a junky to leave the stuff alone for long. Always gotta go back for a little taste and before I know the monkey's on my back again.

And there are the things that cannot be igored. Hundreds of thousands dead across the Indian ocean. We gave what money we could. Even semi-poor people like my family in America are livin' large compared to the absolute destruction there. And if my Dr. clears me to do it, I can start giving blood again, and that's a way that even broke-assed folks like me can do a little something to help victims of disaster.