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Eyestrain: Purveyors of fine, free sonic butt massage are just so cool.

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Purveyors of fine, free sonic butt massage are just so cool.

This is what I put up with outside the window on weekend nights.

I'm not one to wholly criticize the youth from having their fun-and-games. You gots to do something with your cars and cliques and stereos on the weekends, and sometimes when you're young and stupid (hell, a lot of the time, to be honest), it falls in the grey area of the not-so-legal. But this shit is so obnoxious, so dangerous, and so lamely idiotic, I just can't fathom it.

Am I getting old? Out of touch? I suppose it's a way of weilding a kind of power for those who feel powerless, but honestly, it's a pointless display.

I think, in the time we've lived here, there have been only 3 or 4 sideshows nearby (there've been plenty in the far and middle distance, screeching away), but the jerks congregate and meet up in the bank parking lot behind our building, proving time and again to all around that yes, their car stereos can rattle windows and be a nuisance even to the deaf with their badass booming bass. Oh how lovely it is to curl up and indulge in a movie on a Saturday night only to have to blast the volume so the conversational bits are audible over the shitheads at the bank.

My sympathies to those who get innocently caught in these things, but as to the rest, I hope all their cars get impounded.