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Eyestrain: Mot du jour

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Mot du jour


Begging via one's blog.

So, okay, buy something from Amazon through my links, or make a holly jolly Christmas a reality chez Monica_CA. It's barely going to be a Christmas here, and we're getting to our last straw, so I'm asking on the internet for contributions from anyone with a yen to play Santa for us. This is the only time I'll do this, so no worries once this goes up.

Just so you don't think we're not worth a little effort, let me give a specific or two you may not be aware of: I'm supporting the three of us with an admin's salary. Our son is disabled (autistic), and his care requires more money than we have. We're basically a blue-collar kind of family, with no professional credentials or career options. My husband works out of the home so he can care for our son, and well, like many families being left behind by the "Bush boom" we are struggling to make ends meet, let alone have a proper holiday for the kiddo (who is actually interested in Christmas for the first time this year). I have medical bills to pay from having had to go through chemo and radiation for breast cancer last year even with insurance to cover the vast, overwhelming cost of it all ( and I'm doing well so far healthwise -- yay!), but well, it's pitiful, really, this blegging, but there it is. The wish list is a fanciful thing in many respects, yes, but it's there. If anyone reading this could at least buy from Amazon through my link ads, it'd be a help to us.

And even if all you do is keep us in your thoughts this holiday season, I thank you.

That is all.