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Eyestrain: Larry King of the Asshats

Friday, December 10, 2004

Larry King of the Asshats


From the CNN transcript, John Edwards illustrates what a man who isn't a serial groom thinks of King's sick questioning (when he has to be polite and tape is rolling):

KING: Senator, has there been any thoughts, and this happens in any case when the male hears the news from the mate, aesthetically how will Elizabeth look?

How will she respond?

Do you have those feelings?



J. EDWARDS: Honest to goodness, Larry, the only thing I have thought about is making sure that we have 40 more years together. And Elizabeth and I have been married 27 years. We are physically connected to each other. And we've been through a lot with our children and with our family and our lives. And our lives are completely intertwined. And all that I have thought about is making sure we get her well and that she is there for me and for my kids.

KING: Did you have those concerns, Elizabeth?

E. EDWARDS: No. My biggest concern really has been the loss of hair, which the kids thought was pretty amusing. But right now I have lost not all of my hair but a lot of it. And I think I actually, without this wonderful wig, I think I look sick. And I don't want my children who don't think of me as sick because I'm not -- now that they have anti-nausea medicine, I'm not vomiting or anything and because I am able to do most of the things that I was able to do. Get a little more tired, but otherwise -- I don't want to look sick to them. So that for me is my big concern. Not for John, who has seen me with him...

J. EDWARDS: I have to tell you she looks just as beautiful now as she did before this to us, to all of us who know her and love her.

If anything, a real man loves his wife all the more going through something like this. He'll see her as more dear and lovely and beautiful than he ever thought before. Poor Elizabeth Edwards. To have a question like that put to her and her man by that creepy, cradle-robbing, raisin-faced shithead... I know early in my treatment I had a lot of anger. If anyone had asked me something like that, I'd have launched myself across the room at them.

"Hey Larry! I got your lumpectomy! I got it right here! Now tell me how YOU feel about it."

What a jerk. Dare I say it -- what a boob.